The [404] Clan not found

The [404] Clan not founds history

The beginning
In the middle of 2007 Big Jim started another clan that spent it's time in the snark cafe. {COSA} or Clan of Supreme Awesomeness was meant to be a joke most of the time. It started out with the regulars of that time. Big jim, Outsider, Zero shift, Shizznoze, Lightningbullet, and Xguy. Rikimaru, krizz, Edli, and da_ghost eventually joined as well. In the beginning it was mainly just another way of having fun with each other. They would hold in-game {COSA} party's and would make {COSA} style model reskins. Times were good for the clan of supreme awesomeness.

The Beginning of the Decline
3 months or so into the lifespan of the clan, Big Jim decided to leave as well. Reasons for his leaving are not remembered at this time. A vote was held to decide the new leader. Rikimaru was decided as the leader and Lightningbullet was going to become the second in command. Times were rough then. da_ghost left due to reasons of unknowingness. (If someone knows, please edit this page).

A change for the better?
A month into Rikimarus leadership Lightningbullet approached him with an idea. Reforming the clan with a new forum and a new name. Riki agreed (To the person who wrote thises knowledge) and a change was made a week later. The clan was renamed. [404] clan not found was the name of this new clan. Times were good again.. for the time..

Another one steps down
On the seventh month of the life span of the [404]/{COSA}, Rikimaru made an announcement that shook the foundation of the clan. He would be leaving the clan to attend to the needs of the snark cafe. Lightningbullet was elected to lead after him. Things looked good for the clan. Events were now being held underneath this new leader. Little did the clan know that the inexperience of this new leader would lead to it's demise.

More Drama
After a while Lightningbullet got power mad. He started to enforce strict rules that destroyed the purpose of the clan and made it a generally not fun place to be in. People started to leave. Edli eventually called him out for his actions. An epic internet argument ensued that lasted 3 days, it eventually ended with edli's banishment from the [404].

The end of a beautiful thing
What started out as a fun little group turned into a confusing mess of people leaving and words being exchanged. Although it could be salvaged easily by actually trying to recruit people, Lightningbullet did not believe so and foolishly ignored any advice given to him. two days after one of their events when only one person showed up Lightning assumed something that would cause the end of the clan itself. He assumed the clan was dead. He closed down the forum with an announcement declaring the clan to be deceased. A decision that would scar his reputation and a decision he regrets.

The clan lasted for 9 months before it's eventual demise. A lot was learned from this clan and no other clans have been started within the snark cafe since.

(NOTE: If any previous [404] members would like to edit this page to add details or change some to make them more accurate you can.)

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