Admin Commands

AMXx Command List for Flags: bcdefghijklmnopqrstu

Below a list of commands that are currently running on the server.

Plugins can be turned on/off without notice

Say Commands

Command Usage / Description
say !admincommands Displays the commands admins can use
say !adminrules Displays the admin rules
say !regen 1337 Enables über 1337 regeneration
say !nuke <seconds> <power> <size> Drops a nuke where you are standing
say @[@|@|@][w|r|g|b|y|m|c]<text> Displays hud message
say /bindslots bind slots for you.
say bindslots bind slots for you.
say listmaps Lists all maps in a window and in console
say nextmap Shows nextmap information to players
say rockthevote Rocks the Vote
say rtv Rocks the Vote
say thetime displays current time
say timeleft displays timeleft
say_team @<text> - displays message to admins

Console Commands

Command Usage / Description
amx_addban <"authid" or ip> <minutes> [reason]
amx_aim_popezap Zaps the target you're looking at
amx_alltalk 1|0 to enable and disable
amx_ammo <authid, nick, @team or #userid>
amx_armor <part of nick> <amount>
amx_ban <time in mins> <steamID or nickname or #authid or IP> <reason>
amx_banhistorymenu - displays banhistorymenu
amx_banip <time in mins> <steamID or nickname or #authid or IP> <reason>
amx_banmenu displays ban menu
amx_banvoice <nick/userid> Bans the user from using voicecomm
amx_bury <authid, nick, @team or #userid>
amx_cancelvote cancels last vote
amx_cfg <filename>
amx_cfgmenu displays configs menu
amx_chat <message> - sends message to admins
amx_clcmdmenu displays client cmds menu
amx_cmdmenu displays commands menu
amx_csay <color> <message> - sends center hud message to all players
amx_cvar <cvar> [value]
amx_cvarmenu displays cvars menu
amx_disarm <authid, nick, @team or #userid>
amx_exec <nick,@TEAM,*(all),@SERVER>
amx_find <steamID>
amx_findex <steamID>
amx_fire <authid, nick or #userid>
amx_gag <nick or #userid> <a|b|c> <time> a == normal say / b == team say / c == voicecomm
amx_glow <nick or #userid> <color>
amx_godall - Sets all players to god mode
amx_godmode <authid, nick, @team/all or #userid> <0=OFF 1=ON 2=ON + ON EACH ROUND>
amx_gravity < gravity >
amx_heal <nick, #userid or @team> <HP to give>
amx_help <page> [nr of cmds (only for server)] - displays this help
amx_kick <name or #userid> [reason]
amx_kickmenu - displays kick menu
amx_last - list the last few disconnected clients info
amx_leave <tag> [tag] [tag] [tag]
amx_llama <authid, nick, @team or #userid>
amx_map <mapname>
amx_mapmenu displays changelevel menu
amx_menu displays menus available to client
amx_nick <name or #userid> <new nick>
amx_noclip <authid, nick, @team/all or #userid> <0=OFF 1=ON 2=ON + ON EACH ROUND>
amx_nopass Removes the server password
amx_off pauses some plugins
amx_on unpauses some plugins
amx_pass Sets a server password
amx_pause pause or unpause the game
amx_pausecfg list commands for pause/unpause management
amx_pausecfgmenu pause/unpause plugins with menu
amx_popelightning <target>
amx_popezap <target>
amx_psay <name or #userid> <message> - sends private message
amx_quit <nick | steam> - Will quit assholes to the desktop
amx_rcon <command line>
amx_reloadglows admin concole command to force reload
amx_revive <authid, nick, @team or #userid>
amx_rocket <authid, nick, @team or #userid>
amx_say <message> - sends message to all players
amx_showrcon <command line>
amx_shutdown Shuts down server in 10seconds
amx_slap <name or #userid> [power]
amx_slapmenu displays slap/slay menu
amx_slay <name or #userid>
amx_slay2 <authid, nick, @team or #userid> [1-lightning|2-blood|3-explode]
amx_speechmenu displays speech menu
amx_spray <name or #userid>
amx_stack <authid, nick or #userid> [0|1|2]
amx_status This will show you a list of info on each person kinda like the status but more detailed
amx_teammenu displays team menu
amx_teleport <authid, nick, @team or #userid> [x] [y] [z]
amx_teleportmenu displays teleport menu
amx_tracers <0-4> - 0:off,1:uniform,2:random,3:weapons,4:teams
amx_tracers_all <0-1> - 0:dont draw own tracer,1:draw all tracers
amx_tracers_colors <0-255> <0-255> <0-255> - RGB color values
amx_tsay <color> <message> - sends left side hud message to all players
amx_uberslap <authid, nick or #userid>
amx_unammo <authid, nick, @team or #userid>
amx_unban <steamID>
amx_unbanvoice <nick/userid> unBans the user from using voicecomm
amx_unbury <authid, nick, @team or #userid>
amx_ungag <nick or #userid>
amx_unglow <nick or #userid>
amx_unllama <authid, nick, @team or #userid>
amx_userorigin <authid, nick, or #userid>
amx_vote <question> <answer#1> <answer#2>
amx_voteban <name or #userid>
amx_votekick <name or #userid>
amx_votemap <map> [map] [map] [map]
amx_votemapmenu displays votemap menu
amx_wog <nick, #userid, @TEAM or *> : Target is yanked in the air and slammed around like a pinball.
amx_wrathofgod <nick, #userid, @TEAM or *> : Target is yanked in the air and slammed around like a pinball.
amx_writeallhelp prints all server and client help to html file with access flags
amx_writehelp [flags] - prints client help for commands with this access level to html file
amxbans_custombanreason configures custom ban message
amxmodmenu displays menus
coords shows your current position in the map
dmap_banlastmaps Bans the last <n> maps played from being voted (0-99)
dmap_cancelvote Cancels the rocked vote
dmap_cyclemode Disables Voting (To restore voting use dmap_votemode)
dmap_default Will restore settings to default
dmap_freeze Toggles Freeze/Drop at end of round ON|off
dmap_help Shows on-screen help information about Map Plugin
dmap_mapsnum Set number of maps in vote (will not take effect until next map
dmap_mapsurl Specify what website to get custom maps from
dmap_maxcustom Set maximum number of custom nominations that may be made
dmap_messages Sets the time interval in minutes between messages
dmap_nominations Set maximum number of nominations for each person
dmap_quietmode Usage: <OFF|nosound|silent>
dmap_rockthevote (option: now) Allows admins to force a vote
dmap_rtvpercent Set the percent (3-100) of players for a rtv
dmap_rtvplayers Sets the minimum number of players needed to rockthevote
dmap_rtvtoggle Toggles on|off Ability of players to use rockthevote
dmap_rtvwait Sets the minimum time before rockthevote can occur (5-30)
dmap_status Shows settings/status/help of the map management variables
dmap_votemode Enables Voting (This is default mode)
nightvision Toggles Nightvision
sb_do 8ball response chooser
sb_say Secret 8ball
sb_toggle !8ball toggle
sc_givemenu Enter sc_givemenu and select an option
sc_toggle <1|0> - Turns SC Weapons And Items Menu On or Off.
sd_resettime Debug command for SnarkDice
si_cn Displays players country
sr_connect Do not use if not a dev!
sr_radtest Debug command
sr_showtimes show all player's times
sr_title <player> <seconds> - sets a player's time
sr_weapon Debug command
ss_clip noclip Test command
ss_gag gag a player
ss_gt GT Test command
ss_speak speak
ss_ungag Un-Gag a player
teleportme <x> <y> <z> - teleports you to a location
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