Dark, a.k.a. (Smogtt).

Hey, yeah….

It's me! Your most beloved Overlord! Dark!
But enough about me, lets talk about me…. er, yeah….

Anyway, most of you guys at the SnarkCafe don't know all that much about me, other than being a major pervert, and a hopeful for the SnarkCafe Sven 'Hentai Squad' :P, so heres some stuff.

About me…
In real life I'm actually quiet and unconfident, and generally don't talk much, even with people I've known for years. I've always liked to draw, and I'm blowing my own trumpet here, but I'm pretty good. You wouldn't know from looking at me, but I'm really a good swimmer too… and lets face it, I'm kinda fat. :P

The Beginning…
I started my online gaming experience at an internet cafe called 'The Frag Cafe', (now closed down).
In the beginning, I played Battlefield 1942 under the alias 'Captain Rawson', which, after nearby players began singing songs, was changed to 'Captain Birdseye'. I later began playing CS and DoD and changed, yet again, to 'DarkOne2K4'. '~2K4' because I started using this in 2004.
I followed a friend into the DoD clan .::OMG::. ('Operation Market Garden' I believe it stood for), and was probably the last member to remove the .::OMG::. tag after it was disbanded (due to internal power struggles). To my knowledge, OMG hasn't been reborn.

After DoD I began playing Sven Co-op, again, after following a friend there.
The SnarkCafe was the server of choice, apparantly, so I joined them, and shortened the name to just 'DarkOne', then again, after becoming part of the SnarkCafe Ventrilo community, to just plain ol' 'Dark'.
And it's stuck ever since.

Lately I've been pissing about with RPG Maker VX, (I was actually surprised to find LB was doing the same but with XP). Don't expect to be able to test the game(s) though, I can't be bothered to upload…. that and I really have no experience at that kind of stuff :P
…also it's not finished.

Since my laptop died *sniffle* I've had to make do with my old (ish) pc.
So I can't play most of my games…
Buuuuuttttt, I've still got Steam! And GW! And that's it! WOO-f***ing-HOO!

I'll probably upload some of my better artwork here, if I can be bothered.

OK Time For Art!

Partially inspired by LoneWolf's SnarkCafe GuildWars group pic, and partially inspired by his other piece that contained some of us spying on girls from behind a rock….. comes this A4 sized piece of work:
Pic 1

Spawned out of late night Ventrillo conversations; the reason why DUM@SS didnt die
at midnight, September 29, 2008:
Pic 2

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