Test Subject #2141
Name: DUDE!!!
Origin: Unknown
Birthdate 4/29/93
Affiliation: Snarkcafe, Neutral
-Rank: Recriut
Skills: Sound Editor
Favorite Game: Team Fortress 2
Favorite Weapon: Full Tang Ninja Blade

I found Snarkcafe at the age of 7 or 8. Ever since I had a extremely squeaky voice. Up till now, 15 years old and with puberty. I started playing CS and went in my first clan which was [NNTH] No Need To Hack. We had 6 CS servers and I was an admin in 3 which was pretty damn good for a 9 year old. After I got bored with Counter-Strike I then started to play some of the SinglePlayer games like Half-Life, Blue Shift, and Opposing Force. Aswell as some of the other Multiplayer games like Team Fortress Classic. When I finished those games I then went out to go and try some of the mods for Half-Life 1. I tried Natural Selection, I got into a clan in there and quit when I got bored of the game and the fact that the clans leader and server host will be shutting down. After that I seemed to have stumbled upon Sven Co-op while looking at the top mods list at http://www.moddb.com/ I then tried the game and liked it since it was coop. I then went out to seek a server to stay on, I joined the server with the most players on it. Which would be Snarkcafe, back then when there was barely any E-Drama. When I joined the server I was expected something normal, but this server had something that stood out of the crowd. It was the cool people on the server that made me like it. So I stayed for a very long time, until my computer broke, and I couldn't do anything about it for a while. Until 1 or 2 years later, I would've thought that Snarkcafe had probably already died, but I was surprised that it was still up and running.

Well I joined 9-11 months ago I think :/ around the time I have received Snarkcafe Ventrilo Admin, and was a recruit for some time. Which I am a little bit pissed off about, when I saw some people get FULL {RS} before me. But I just keep telling myself that its just a tag and it doesn't matter. Anyways, after I got my full {RS} I wasn't that surprised I still remained the same and nothing changed.

I have an interest in weaponry, video games, and music.

I like all kinds of music as long as it sounds good, I like Nu-Jazz since it has a Hip-Hop and Jazz feel to it which is pretty calming sometimes.

Video Games
I like First/Third Person Shooters the most because I they were the first games I've played like Counter-Strike, and Metal Gear Solid. I also like MMOs, as long as I get a big sword I'm fine. I'm very interested into playing some MMOFPS's but there are no good ones out.

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