Entmod Scrap Book

This is a repository for various entmod commands for reference.

Commands used in EntMod

Usage Description/Format/Example
weapon_entmover Draws the entmover weapon that gives you a more precise, and in some cases, easier method of moving entities.
entmod_keys Lists the keys and values assigned to the entity being looked at.
entmod_lookingat Gives information about the entity being looked at.
entmod_worldcopy <angle x> <angle y> <angle z> <origin x> <origin y> <origin z> <angle movement x> <anglemovement y> <anglemovement y> Copies the map world model.
entmod_create <entity> [override precache warning (use 1)] Creates an entity of a certain type in front of you.
entmod_noclip <1/0 on/off> Gives yourself noclip.
entmod_quickmake <entity> Makes an entity of a certain type at your location
entmod_spawn <entity> <offset x> <offset y> <offset z> Makes an entity of a certain type at your location off set by a certain amount
entmod_spawn2 <entity> <x> <y> <z> Makes an entity at a certain location
entmod_spawnmodel <model> [velocity x] [velocity y] [velocity z] Use with caution! Creates a model at your location.
entmod_addpack <team> <respawn time> TFC only. Adds a pack with specified team and respawn time at your current location. Use team 0 for all teams. Team numbers: 1 blue, 2 red, 3 yellow, 4 green
e_search Searches for entities within 100 cells of your location.
entmod_keyvalue <key> <value> Sets a key/value pair on the entity you're looking at.
e_telestart <name> Creates a teleporter entrance that leads to the exit with the matching name.
e_teleend <name> Creates a teleporter exit that comes from the entrance with a matching name.
e_teledelete <name> Deletes the teleporter entrances and exit with the name specified
t_select <name> Starts the train creation process with the specified train name
t_start Starts laying the path after selecting the train ent
t_end <speed> Ends the path laying process and creates the train entity with the speed specified
t_go Sets the train just created in motion.
e_use Makes the entity you're looking at perform the default task (such as making a door open)
e_god <1/0 on/off> Gives or removes godmode on the entity being looked at
e_render <mode> [amt] [fx] [r] [g] [b] Modes: 0: Normal 1: TransColor (makes an entity the color specified in r g b) 2: TransTexture (amt sets the transparent on the entity 0 is invisible 255 is fully opaque and any number in between can be used) 3: Glow (makes a non-brush entity glow the color in R g b) 4: TransAlpha (makes blue parts of the texture on the entity transparent) 5: TransAdd (Gives the entity a brighter transparent effect) FX: 0: None 1: Pulse Slow 2: Pulse Fast 3: Pulse Slow Wide 4: Pulse Fast Wide 5: Fade Slow 6: Fade Fast 7: Solid Slow 8: Solid Fast 9: Strobe Slow 10: Strobe Fast 11: Strobe Faster 12: Flicker Slow 13: Flicker Fast 14: No Dissipation 15: Distort 16: Hologram 17: Dead Player (not recommended) 18: Explode (sprites) 19: Glow Shell 20: Clamp Min Scale (sprites)
e_drop Drops an entity to the ground
e_rotate <x> [y] [z] Rotates an entity on the x, y, or z axis the specified amount of degrees
e_rotate_x Rotates an entity on the x axis 15 degrees
e_rotate_y Rotates an entity on the y axis 15 degrees
e_rotate_z Rotates an entity on the z axis 15 degrees
e_add <parameters> Adds an entity with specified keys and values. Format: e_add classname:key:value:key:value
e_kill [entity] [range] Kills the entity being looked at. Optionally, you can specify an entity type and a range to kill.
e_classname <classname> Sets the classname of the entity being looked at. Useful to turn doors into walls so that they won't move. Example: e_classname func_wall
grabtype <entity> [range] Grabs a certain entity at a specified range (default 250). Useful for grabbing a sprite or func_illusionary.
stopgrab Used to stop moving an entity grabbed with grabtype.
showx Creates a temporary line in the x direction
showy Creates a temporary line in the y direction
showz Creates a temporary line in the z direction
e_stack <amount> <offset x> <offset y> <offset z> Creates a certain amount of entities each offseted from the last the specified amount.
+grabent Starts moving an entity. The entity follows you while you have a key bound to this held down. It is best if this command is bound to a key.
-grabent Lets go of the entity being grabbed. If you bind +grabent to a key, this is automatically ran when you let go of the key.
+copyent Copies an entity that follows you like +grabent. It is best if this command is bound to a key.
-copyent Lets go of the entitiy being copied. If you bind +copyent to a key, this is automatically ran when you let go of the key.
mm_grab Selects an entity to be mass moved
mm_start Starts the mass move process once all entities have been grabbed.
mm_end Drops all entites being mass moved. Also used for entities that are green and follow you when loaded.
e_show <classname> Puts a green plus sign and visible bounding boxes at the location of every entity of the specified type.
es_start <name> Starts the entity saving process with the name specified.
es_grab Adds the entity to the save list
es_graball <classname> Grabs all entities of the specified type
es_ungrab Removes the last entity added from the save list.
es_save <follow 0/1> Saves all entities grabbed. If follow is set to 1 then the entity save will follow you when loaded. If it's zero it will load in the exact spot it was saved in.
es_list Lists all entity saves for the current map. (Not available on Linux versions of Ent Mod)
es_listall Lists all entity saves on the server. (Not available on Linux versions of Ent Mod)
es_load <name> Loads the specified entity save. Saves can only be loaded on the map they were saved on.
e_undo Undoes a grab or delete action.
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