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Johnny Bravo is an American animated series created by Van Partible. It premiered on July 7, 1997 on Cartoon Network and ran for 65 episodes and 5 seasons.

Johnny Bravo originally appeared in two animated shorts created for Cartoon Network's World Premiere Toons and was one of several characters to be given an ongoing series. Many celebrities starred on the show as well.

The show originally aired using the same creative format as the original animated shorts. However, due to poor ratings, the show was completely retooled[citation needed] for the following seasons, changing the animation style and several character's personalities. This edgier, less-campy format helped to boost the show's popularity. The show's final season returned to the original format, which received similarly poor results and proved to be very short-lived. Later he was in a show named JBVO which lasted a half hour, and the viewers could call and ask what show they would want to watch. JBVO ran for roughly one year.

Johnny Bravo (voiced by Jeff Bennett) — Johnny has the looks of James Dean and sounds like Elvis Presley. He is incredibly narcissistic and dim-witted, traits that lead to a severe incorrigible inability to attract women, which would be a running gag throughout the series. One notable exception to this was during the Cartoon Network "1st 13th Annual Fancy Anvil Award Show Spectacular Live In Stereo," during which Johnny served as the host and was very witty and suave. The character is memorable for his blindingly quick movements (usually done while trying to impress women), which were accompanied by the distinctive sound effect of a bullwhip crack, often flexing his muscles in a bodybuilder fashion. When it comes to women Johnny won't take "No" for an answer. When women hurt Johnny he refuses to leave them alone or thinks that they want him. Though the name "Johnny Bravo" dates back to an episode of The Brady Bunch (as a stage name for Greg Brady), Van Partible stated in an interview for Cartoon Network that he derived the name from his full given name, "Giovanni Bravissimo Partible

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