How I first found and joined the Snark cafe.

Well it started out like most of the members of Snark I got a Half-Life serial key from a friend that I added to Steam and once I've finished the whole game I wanted to see if I could find any good online mods. I Google'd for some, and found Sven Co-Op, Brain Bread, Natural Selection, Public Enemy but the one that got my attention was Sven Co-Op, I can't really remember why, I think it was because of the game type Player vs. AI. And when I was searching for a good server with a low ping, I only got like 10-15 servers in the Steam server list, and the only one with people on it was the Snarkcafe one. So I decided to join it and try and I saw some guys using the CoSA clan tag, and I asked if I could join their clan (this was before I knew that Snarkcafe was a clan of it's own) and after a long time waiting for Big Jim to join the server so I could ask him, I finally got accepted and we had loads and loads of fun. You can read more about clan [404] here.

How I joined the Clan.

Well, my first application got shot down due to some incidents that had happend earlier with other Snark members, and now all of a sudden I got head hunted by Cypher and FW, due to some unknown reasons and with the support of Rikimaru.

What I've contributed to Snark cafe.

I tried my best with hosting game servers for Snark but I didn't found any games that everyone plays except Sven Co-op. But since that failed I'm mostly trying to help when needed, like with the new Snark website.

Favorite music.

Metallica, Slipknot, Kataklysm, 36 Crazyfists, Disturbed.

Favorite TV shows / movies.

South Park, The Simpsons, Stargate SG1/Atlantis, Matrix 1-3, Saw 1-4, Crank, Transporter 1-2, Hancock.

Favorite games.

Garry's Mod, Matrix Online, GTA IV,

My two cents on Microsoft Windows Vista.


Some sites I own/use. < My private website. (It's in swedish.) < A small community I've created. < My Youtube page. :-P < My xFire profile.

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