Hello people who are bored enough to read this page. My name is Lightningbullet and I have absolutely nothing better to do than edit this page and put a short bio about me here.

(Current avatar as of August, 18, 2008)

History of Lightningbullet

How I first found and joined the snark cafe.
I first found out about the snark cafe after my first day with steam. After beating half life, I looked in the mod section of the steam pages. Seeing the words Co-op made me curious, so I downloaded it and started looking for a server. First I went to peanys cafe. I left shortly after because the map they changed to was horsecock7. (No offense to the people on there, but I was a newb at the time and was traumatized by the sight of the map.)

After looking around and seeing the Snark Cafe server, I decided to join it, That was when I was introduced to many of the old regulars and was taught a lot about the game from the first week on being on there. I remember joining the server and being amazed at what people were doing, looking in awe at people telejumping to the top of a KZ map and wanting to do so myself, having the most fun I ever had, jamming out to random music played over HLSS, learning about the plug in and some tricks I could do with the plug in, learning the inner working of every map, and just generally socializing. Known for my rage, most of the day was spent crowbaring my head and being generally annoying in order to get a rise out of me. Today, this is different, as my many days with the cafe have taught me how to control my rage and when to unleash it properly.

How I joined the Clan
I have been with the {RS} for about 2 years now, Starting from june 2006, I joined by bugging the hell out of fire asking for admin admittedly. He eventually said that he would allow me to join the clan and I squealed like a little school girl at that. I think he only gave it to me to get me out of his hair. (If your reading this fire, sorry for being a pest back then. :) ) I have tried to make the annoyance of my first entrance into the clan worth the time by learning what ever is needed and doing what I can, where I can.

My contributions to the server are a 3 month patronage, the horrible map LB_Triad, A success story of learning how to control my rage through many days of rage in the server, an edited telejump script that uses the Third, Forth, and Fifth teleport positions, and, currently in development, a snark cafe cameo RPG made on the RPG maker XP engine, The Saga of Snarkania which I plan on making into a series. I will update this page when more information is available.

Today you will find me in the Snark cafe ventrilo or on steam most of the time. I make occasional visits to the snark cafe sven coop server still and still play guild wars from time to time.

Videos made by Lightningbullet
(Ones that involve the snark cafe)

Guild wars fun time: Before the dragon festival.
If you squint really hard you can see lonewolfsolder in there. Thank you youtube compression!

Guild wars fun time 2:Napolian Dynamite time!!!
While experimenting with Ritualist team builds and getting a template of equipment.. well one thing led to another and this happened.

Lightningbullets Youtube page

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