My Entire Story

Where It started

I first learned about Half-Life in 5th grade at a private school I was going to. We used to play on LAN like everyday in class while the teacher taught the class. From then on, I was hooked. I could never get enough of it. Soon later on my trip to Turkey, I had picked up a copy of Half-Life and brought it home, where I then played the story line, over and over and over again. I knew every little goddamn secret on everything. Then Opposing force was released, One of my favorite mods. I started to play that every single day till the release of Counter-Strike came. I used to play that game every single day at my cousins house. It was very extremely addicting. I played on for like 4-7 years, hell I sometimes play even now. Jeez I went through many clans through CS. From [FUC] *F—k You Cheaters*, -[SF]- *Steel Force*, and lastly my longest running clan ever, [A-Pac]. That clan lasted for 3 years until I sabotaged it and shut it down late 2005. [A-Pac] averaged to around 120 Clan Members and hundreds of regulars before it finally closed down. After shutting Down [A-Pac] and going back and forth with TFC and CS, I finally landed on ENB, where I met my still best friend in the world IceMan. (the whole ENB and UNF story is way too long and I probably will add it a little later on when I have the time.)

Snark Cafe

My Start

I started to become a major regular here at Snark Cafe around December - January of 07-08. At the time I was really big into Natural Selection and basically taking my time with that. However, the community I was involved in was a group of immature little 14 year olds rubbing one out every time they used their admin powers. Which lead to much fights between me and the other members. I finally left and aimlessly walked into Snark Cafe. Confused, battered, and lonely, I found shelter under some of the admin's wings.

My Rise

For a few months, I was showing much interest in Snark Cafe. I wanted to become a part of it and change it for the better, bring it to it's peek and keep it there. I started small things like the government of Snark Cafe and what it should be. And all that good stuff. Then, after much work, I decided to release my version of the Snark Cafe theme song. Which started drama between me and the regulars.

My Slight Decline

I had some stupid little fight with a member XGuy. All I did was tell him to calm is ego down slightly because it was upsetting some of the admins. Instead of taking that and working with it to his advantage he lashed out against me, and brought into involvement Big Jim, Zero Shift, Luke, Viva la DJ Hurley, Outsider, and Uro Uro Blue. After that, stupid little E-drama was caused and it was the end result of pulling the Snark Cafe Theme song.

My Second Rise

Everything was looking up. I had donated 100 dollars to snark cafe, received Patron commands. Everything was looking good, Until, the worst news ever was announced. Cozmic, who was helping Fire-Wired pay for the server was backing out due to financial problems. And because of that, Fire couldn't pay for the servers, and announced that Snark Cafe's servers would go down. So I immediately posted a thread on the forums asking for people to rise up and help donate for the servers. The reaction I got was pessimistic and of course, lashing out against me. So I then took it upon myself to help fire pay for the server. 3 days after my decision, fire approached me and told me that he has nominated me for Leader of Rabid Snarks (the clan of Snark Cafe). I was flipping out, but I told fire it was unnecessary. If I was apart of Rabid Snarks as a recruit would be fine by me. But fire insisted of giving me Leader. So it was so.

My Final Decline

Everything I thought was going great. But the only problem I had with my Admin was that I was stuck in a atmosphere where players would respect the Admin's regardless. And if they were to disrespect an admin, it would result in a ban, perma or not. I did not know that people playing on Snark Cafe did not want to be banned because of their disrespect and were willing to fight it to the end. At this point I already had a blemish on my name. As an "abusive" admin. Which really wasn't the case, I was just confused. Time passed and I was slowly getting used to this atmosphere.

Then some stupid fight broke out between two of our regulars, BackAssward and XGuy. It was so stupid that 3 friends of XGuy decided to join in on the fight and attack BackAssward. I, being the one who saw the fight start, sided with BackAssward who was just trying to tell XGuy facts. Because of my decision, a pact between XGuy, Outsider, and Luke, was formed to get me removed. It was literally from then on, more and more people wanted me gone. I tried to stay afloat and bring out new ideas for snark cafe to become more organized and easier for new comers to figure stuff out. But nothing I did was good enough.

After this was all ended and done with, my decline kept continuing. I was being to harsh on my bans and too many people were complaining of my Leadership Skills, so in August of '08, I had removed my own Admin. More controversy broke out. But it all got worse from there.

My Demise

It was on August 10, 2008, that Keen, a regular on our obvious misconception of an enemy Peany's Cafe, was on the server. I joined the soon after knowing that Keen was playing on. I thought it was an honor. Honestly, after 4 minutes of playing with the guy, I knew it was a mistake on even joining the server. After much talking with Keen, and explaining on how much I love to joke around to people, I thought it was a good idea to pump one out. So I changed my name to Dark Cheese, and proceeded to act like an EXTREME fan of Peany. Making such comments on how much I love her, how much I want to be with her, *insert sexual comments here*, and so forth. It was all fun and games till After I had changed my name BACK into my original self. Now it struck Keen as a joke, he understood as a joke, so did everyone else. But then shortly after, Uro requested a ban on me. Soon after TheBard banned Dark Cheese, who was obviously me. After finding out it was me, he extended the ban a little longer. But what made it much worse was the fact that Osaka, Metal, and Polite Pyro blew it out of proportion. I have no idea WHY, but it became this huge battle between what I did, and what the Server did to stop it. What ever had happened, it all died down and I was banned, Before I was banned however, I stepped down from {RS-L} and announced my leave due to too much people hating me and wanting my removal, and that school was starting soon.

My Final Comments

Honestly, I thought I was loved here in Snark Cafe. But recently I was rudely reminded that I was in fact the worst thing to have ever been a part of Snark Cafe and it's community. And no matter what I could do or say, I could never be a part of it again. I was basically told that I was a failure and a virus to everything Snark Cafe had become. It sucks I know, but I guess this was a wake up call on what I was doing.

I am not much of a loved one here anymore, and as College starting to come closer and closer, I feel that I will always be a thorn/blemish to this community. And no matter how much I apologized it seems like it will never be much. This is my story. I hope the new comers read this story and learn from my mistakes. Please, enjoy Snark Cafe and its goldeness And please, I beg of you, if you become in such power as I was, be aware of your decisions. It will reflect upon the server and community.

ViVa La Snark Cafe.

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